The seminal UK band, The Stone Roses, were apart for 15 years; they got back together in October 2011. The Stone Roses first formed the band in the early 1980s. They only had two full-length albums: 1989′s debut album and 1994′s Second Coming. The band reported that they intend on completing a new album.

The band is let by Ian Brown; Brown fronted a press conference in London earlier this year and announced three concerts at Manchaster’s Heaton Park in June 2012. The Heaton park show sold out in 14 minutes with a total of 150,000 tickets sold! That began a world tour. There was also a concert in Phoenix Park, Dublin. More than twenty other concerts have been scheduled in Europe and Asia. A total of 26 shows have been announced and the band is planning on taking a tour around the world.

What’s next for the Stone Roses? It has been reported that they will be touring in Australia in 2013 at the Future Music Festival. The band has at least three or four new tracks recorded;they signed contracts with two different recording companies.

Now that the Stone Roses got back together, the future for them looks and feels exciting for the band and fans alike!

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